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Services Provided by Signing Resources & Interpreters, LLC

Qualified sign language interpreting may be needed in a variety of situations; for doctor appointments, school classes, bank and financial meetings, real estate transactions, employee situations like job interviews, trainings, award ceremonies, and public functions. SRI Interpreting also provides consulting in the development and implementation of organizational policy regarding services for Deaf and hard of hearing employees and customers.


SRI Interpreting provides interpreters for many educational settings: elementary and high school, junior colleges, adult education programs, four-year colleges and universities, vocational and technical programs. Interpreting may also be needed outside the classroom for group discussion, counselor meetings, or conferring with instructors or tutors.


SRI Interpreting can provide coordination and consultation services so that Deaf, and hard of hearing persons can attend conferences, workshops, meetings, and trainings with complete accessibility. We have the expertise to plan communication between the Deaf and hearing persons at your event, so that all may benefit to the fullest extent. We can provide:

  • American Sign Language/English Interpreting
  • English/English Based Sign Language Transliterating
  • Oral Transliteration
  • Identification of communication needs
  • Resources for assertive listening devices
  • Advice on presenters locations
  • Consultation on seating arrangements, lighting, backdrops
  • Devise a schedule for all breakout sessions
  • On-site support for large or small conferences


Legal interpreting requires knowledge or various legal settings. Qualified sign language interpreters may be needed for legal matters; litigation, estate planning or trusts, immigration, adoption, police arrests or interviews, or meetings with attorneys.


SRI has years of experience interpreting consultations, pregnancy classes, labor and deliveries, urgent care, and emergencies at community health centers and hospitals.


We take the time to understand our clients’ needs so that we can provide the best possible service. We interpret job interviews, trainings, meetings, doctor’s appointments, mental health situations, religious ceremonies, legal settings as well as social functions for tour groups, weddings and funerals.


There are options available if a situation requires communication through English in a written form, rather than American Sign Language. Depending on the situation, one might choose either C-Print or CART services. SRI Interpreting can provide these for you. C-Print requires a trained operator with keyboard attached to a computer monitor. The operator types text as a speaker is speaking. The consumer can then read the conversation taking place in real time. This is often the choice for daily needs when a verbatim transcription is not necessary. CART uses a special keyboard and a long, narrow roll of paper. Notes are transcribed into actual documents later. The goal for this technology is a verbatim record of what is said. The training for this kind of work is more extensive and is used often in legal settings.

For more information about the services we provide, please contact us!


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